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Foundations in Self Directed Learning in Game Development

Game development is an endeavour in constant learning, discipline, experimentation, trial and error. It is primarily a self-directed learning experience. The goal of this class is to help students get started and leave with an understanding of how to proceed with their own learning in making games. We’ll be learning the open source game engine, Godot, touching the range of concepts that make a game, with hands-on learning through coding practical examples. The other half of class will be oriented toward: how to be thinking about game making, how to ask the right questions, and where to find resources that’ll answer said questions. This class presumes students will have no knowledge of game development or coding. It’s planned as a prerequisite for a series of focused classes that go into more detail into game development. Having a community is just as vital to learning, to share your projects, to support and find support in your work. Current and former students will be welcomed to participate in an online forum for ongoing support and motivation as well as welcoming collaboration and cross pollination of ideas hosted by Rust Temple.

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