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Hello all and welcome to Ⓐ Reading Group![edit]

This page is yours! And mine! And ours! Do as you please.

Reading List[edit]

Current Books[edit]

 1. Hegemony: How ToGet PDF
2. Emergent Strategy

Additional Books (TBD)[edit]

 How to Poop

Meeting Times & Progress[edit]

 Wednesday 9/27/17Hello! choosing books
Sunday 10/15/17Hegemony How-To Chapters 1&2
Tentative next meeting: Monday 10/23Hegemony How-To Chapters 3&4


  Notes from Sunday 10/15/17 on chapters 1 & 2 
  Vocab / terms 


Feel free to add yourself in this list -- two brackets [ [ Your Name Here ] ] with no spaces makes a link that you can edit into your own page. Please use nicknames/ do not include personal information and keep it relevant to the reading group! <3