General Rules of the Space

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>>> NO hard drugs allowed in the space! NO smoking or vaping inside. Alcohol (and caffeine if you want to get specific) are the only drugs permitted to be consumed inside.

>>> Non-member people, including partners or friends of members, can’t just come in and use a tool or the shop spaces without a shop membership – liability waivers and membership fees as insurance for tool replacement are necessary.

>>> NO leaving personal items in common spaces -- ie. Town Square and Crow's Nest. You can work on projects in those spaces if they're not particularly messy, but pack-in-pack out and be cognizant of the space you're taking up in there, so others can feel they have equal ability to use it. Undertakers are advised to put personal items left in these spaces in the LOST AND FOUND bin by the door to be claimed, so if you forgot, check there first. If you're adding decorations for the space, that is encouraged.

>>> NO personal food stored in the fridge -- all food and drink put in the fridge is communal, but if you're just bringing your lunch for the day or something, feel free to put it in there with your name on it, so long as it gets eaten that day. Historically Rust Temple has had lots of amazing shared snacks and meals goin around, so if you'd like to bring something to share that's great! Keep an eye on it if it ends up in the fridge and please take responsibility to throw it out if it sits long enough to go bad.

>>> KEEP FIRE LANES AND RED-OUTLINED WALKWAYS CLEAR AT ALL TIMES! These are our evacuation routes in case we all need to get the fuck out for whatever reason. They're also marked on the floorplan drawing by the door

>>> NO sanding, staining, or doing stuff causing noxious fumes in your space without proper ventilation or enclosing your space first. Sanding is okay in the woodshop, but be cognizant of the amount of debris you're causing and take breaks for the sake of those around you. If you need to use some really nasty chemicals you should check with an undertaker before going ahead with it.

>>> In general, be an active participant in keeping it clean for everyone. If you see a mess, especially in the shared spaces (woodshop/ metalshop/ screenshop/ sewing area/ kitchen/ bathroom/ sink/ town square/ crow's nest/ trash & recycling) take a sec to clean it up. This goes for checking on trash and recycling by the door too -- we have access to the building dumpster down by the Abandoned Building Brewery entrance.