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So you're moving your shit into Rust Temple !

Congratulations, welcome, we're stoked to have you aboard this bizarro vessel, capitanx !
Here's some back-to-basics FAQ about how to go about doing this that you can refer to and have your own agency in the matter on your own time:

How is rent paid?

We collect rent two weeks before the end of the month to ensure that rent is paid in full on the first. This means that when you get a space, you'll pay two weeks before move-in. Please note that for the month of August, as this is our first month operating at full capacity, this two week period may be fudged to some degree - simply be ready to pay rent for September on August 15th. For more details, visit our money page.

Additionally, note that after your first month, if all goes well and you'd like to remain in the space, we'll ask you to sign a six-month contract along with a liability waiver.

When do I have access to the space?

We've got a lockbox you can use to get access to the space when the building is open, and upon rental you'll receive the code to the lockbox. Do not share this code or else !!! If think you're the last one in the space at night time, it's your duty to do a walkthrough and make sure there is no one else in the space before you leave and lock up. This is VERY VERY important to do, as we lock the door from the outside. If you come by late night we can't guarantee you'll be able to get in if the building is locked and no one's at Rust Temple.

If I drive, where do I park?

We have "guaranteed" 2 spaces that should always be available to us in the parking lot outside our space, but the spaces aren't specific, so it's really a crapshoot especially when there's an event at one of the breweries. If you're loading stuff in for move-in, we have a dolly in the space and there's usually one available on the first floor by the Yankee Plastics entrance. There's a ramp at the Abandoned Building Brewery main entrance, but it's a tight turn so check it out maybe before trying anything much longer than the dolly bed. If you can just lift it up yourself to the ground floor level of the building, we can use most of the loading docks by unlocking them from inside. Park wherever, except DO NOT PARK in front of the loading dock that says "No Parking" close to the Yankee Plastics door -- those people do really use their loading dock and get pissed. No overnight parking either. Weee!

Where do I set up?

If you're moving in, you should have already claimed an open spot with an undertaker and seen the space limits. Have at it ! Keep your shit in your zone so in the set-up time you don't impede someone else's movement in the space. Also, double check the space limits with undertakers before painting any walls, or building any for that matter.

Can I build walls?

Yes, with a few caveats:
*if you're in the front room (with Crow's Nest and Town Square), all walls running parallel to the wall with windows cannot be more than 4 feet tall (unless you are the last space against the wall between the front and back rooms). Why you ask? To maximize the spread of natural light into everyone's space, no one should be able to block out the sun for others, goddamnit !
*If you're the last space next to the adjoining wall and there's no one you'd be blocking, go for it.
*Walls running perpendicular to the window wall are fine to be full height, but be sure to check in with an undertaker about your wall plan before starting to ensure that it is up to fire code and doesn't interfere with sprinklers.
*Same goes for the second room with workshops in it but relative to the window wall in that space -- just check in about it with undertakers. Hell, your neighbor might also benefit greatly if you both want a wall and collab on building it together !

Can I put in a door to my space?

Again, check in with undertakers about this in relation to the fire code (which is that you must be able to reach the hallway outside our space going through no more than 2 doors -- a door being made of solid material that you can't get through, ie. a curtain is not a door, nor is an open doorway with no door in it.) The doorways between the two rooms do not count as a door as they do not have doors on them, but the door to enter the space does count as the first door. Just check in with undertakers about it anyway.

Can I use the tools right away?

You must check in with undertakers beforehand and sign our waiver of liability before using the tools. Have a chat with us the shop dons about your experience, comfort levels, any guidance you might want or need, and some rough project ideas so we can be sure that everyone stays safe and happy as a clam. No one should be using any of the shop power tools without at least one other person present in Rust Temple and aware of your plans to use them. Check in with shop dons about safety and clean-up procedures for each shop before using.