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Since last update, screenprinting shop is finished being built (!!!): table base with hinge mount and formica surface, screen drying rack, print drying rack, dark corner structure for exposing, washout sink mount structure, plastic enclosure for washout area. first test print next week to gauge exposure times
Town Square got some more glowin lights to make the place feel good, and one wall is wallpapered for drawing on >:)
Lots of website updates and new write-ups on things - including new safety and procedure info for the shops


We have a new chop saw, the delta 34-080 We also have our first youtube videos on our youtube channel


The Internet's up.


The internet's down and won't be back until the 30th.


The electrician quoted at 300 dollars and materials for the shop spaces. The ceramicist offered to pay for the materials if the outlet is used


We have a potential electrician to wire the power intensive tools into the metal/woodshop


Wood shop walls completed, the siding just needs to be put on.