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You are entering into a contractual arrangement when you enter an assured shorthold tenancy – the most common type.

This gives you some rights that are important additionally some duties.

This guide shall allow you to determine what questions to inquire of, exactly what your liberties are, and exactly what responsibilities you have.

This may allow you to produce a good relationship with your landlord, but we also tell you ways to get help if things make a mistake.

Spend some time to learn papers and agreements carefully. Whenever you hire a house, people sometimes expect one to produce a quick decision, or to sign documents just before’ve had time and energy to think of them.

You ought ton’t feel forced in to a decision which is crucial to understand the stipulations of any agreement you might be stepping into.

Your landlord must make provision for you having a copy of this booklet, so make use of the checklist and keep it safe to protect yourself from problems at every phase.
2. Before you start
Leasing from a landlord or a letting representative?

The length of time do you want the tenancy for? You are able to ask for a tenancy become any right time passed between 6 months and 7 years. This has to be agreed with the landlord.
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The landlord must…

Retain the framework and exterior of this property.

Fit smoke alarms on every floor and carbon monoxide alarms in spaces with appliances using solid fuels – such as for instance coal and lumber – making sure they have been working from the beginning of one's tenancy. If they are maybe not there, ask your landlord to install them.

Deal with any nagging problems with water, electricity and fuel supply.

Maintain any appliances and furniture they've provided.

Perform many repairs. If one thing is not working, report it to your landlord or representative as soon as you can.

Arrange an gas that is annual check by a Gas Safe engineer (where you will find any fuel devices).

Get yourself a licence for the home if it's a licensable property.

As well as the landlord should…

Insure the building to pay for the expense of any damage from flood or fire.