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In the event that you aren’t already using all of the tools in the above list, you will want to start today?

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Now you and I both understand that writing an article is time consuming. Not only this how will you make use of it again once you have spent all that time composing it?

That's where rewriting it comes in.

Now for most readily useful results an article should be written by you 100 percent. There are many computer programs that may change it to 15 or 30 % but also for most readily useful outcomes you need to also have your documents rewritten 100 percent - ie they use your existing article as a guide to rewrite a whole one that is new.

So let us get to outsourcing an article rewriter.

There are two main places you are able to do this - Odesk and Elance.

To get started you need to publish a job.

Your description needs to be because detailed as you are able to. You will need to explain you would like the articles 100 percent rewritten, perhaps not spun by some kind of pc software.

You will want to be provided with types of their work and additionally keep in touch with them via message board or e-mail to additionally begin to see the quality of the English.

Also always check their customer feedback, records and level of training or skills as this is really important.

When you have a choice of having to pay by the full hour or perhaps a one time fee go the one time charge choice, always.

It is in addition crucial to interview article article writers once they make an application for your task. You can do this via messages or emails.

Make sure you also get samples of their work.

If you've not done outsourcing just before can be surprised to discover that even when you may look for your articles in 3 days your article rewriter doesn't perform as fast as you desire. After this you have options that are few for you.

1. cancel the working work, don't pay anything and repost the work.

2. chase the article rewriter up day-to-day to adhere to up on the progress.

3. rewrite the articles yourself.