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While engineers would be the most in-demand workers over the UK, unfilled medical vacancies are stacking up.

In April, there have been 58,788 nursing that is available promoted, with average salaries coming in at £31,876 per year, Adzuna's data shows.

From 1 August 2017, new nursing, midwifery and allied health students will not get NHS bursaries. Instead, they will have usage of the exact same student education loans system as other pupils.
Controversial: From 1 2017, nurses will no longer receive Government bursaries august

Controversial: From 1 August 2017, nurses will no longer receive national bursaries

In line with the Department for Health, scrapping the bursary scheme will allow universities to produce around 10,000 additional nursing, midwifery and allied health training places by 2020.

But, critics argue that scrapping the bursary scheme will place much more people off becoming nurses.

Janet Davies, leader & General Secretary associated with the Royal College of Nursing told this is certainly Money: ' the national government has not thought hard enough about the dangers of these proposals.'
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