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There are three key requirements you’ll need to think of before starting your property search:

Cost – simply how much can you afford to invest per month/week?
Location – where do you want to live?
Size – just how many rooms do you need? Do some of them have to be increases?

Where must I live and just what must I try to find?

Though you’ll must know exactly how many rooms you might need, price and location in order to search well for a home, this may sometimes feel daunting, especially if you’re brand new to renting.

To help make this area of the procedure easier, consider the questions that are following

Should you be near any transport that is particular?
How long would you like to travel to work?
What distance are you willing to travel to satisfy friends?
Just what would you love about your present house?
Do you know the things you don’t like regarding the current house that you want to prevent time that is next?
Exactly what are the ‘must haves’ that will make your next home feel just like home?
What amenities are you wanting on your own home step?
Just how long do you want to stay in the next home?
You need to get to regularly if you have hobbies, is there somewhere?
Do you wish to furnish the home yourself or contain it already furnished?
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Types of Tenure

Freehold - primarily relates to houses. The owner has both the dwelling therefore the land it occupies.

Leasehold - Mainly relates to flats. The master "owns" the dwelling, however the land is owned by another person, the "landlord". Leasehold home is leased for the fixed period, often 99 years. By the end of the lease the home reverts towards the landlord. Beware of buying leasehold property with not as much as 50years remaining in the rent. Often a cost for "ground lease" is payable.

Commonhold - A reasonably new kind of ownership by which owners of individual flats share the freehold of this whole building (and land). Commonhold properties may use a professional administration business, or may be self-managed by the patient owners. Self-managed properties will often have cheaper administration fees, but owners are likely to "volunteer" for gardening, painting etc, and this causes friction between owners with regards to the percentage of work they feel they undertake.