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Do not use the shop or any tools within if you have not signed a liability waiver and paid a membership fee.


Entering Procedure

  • Make sure you are in a state of mind that will not dangerously infringe on your ability to work (under the influence of drugs/intense emotions.)

  • When using power tools make sure you aren't wearing synthetic clothes, if they catch fire you will be in for a difficult rest of your life, much more difficult that would be if you were wearing cotton or linen or wool.

  • Remove jewelry, they can get caught in rotating machinery and put your hair back or in a hat (or shave it all of if you so desire)

  • Make sure you are wearing closed toed shoes. Preferably with a steel tip.

When you're in the shop

  • If you have never used a tool or feel uncomfortable using one ask an administrator or a metal shop regular to observe or teach you
      • there are also guides available for certain power tools you can use to familiarize yourself with how they work and how to operate

  • Tell people when you are moving behind them

  • Alert people around you when you're about to use a tool that makes very loud sounds -- saying "LOUD NOISE" keeps everyone safer by preparing those who might startle and slip on their own project or tool

  • Be cognizant of where sparks or debris are going, make sure the sparks are not going towards anything flammable

  • If you see something which you perceive as dangerous, like tripping hazards or wood precariously placed, or inappropriate use of tools please talk to whomever is using the tool. The shop space should have a culture of everyone looking out for each other and learning, while keeping it clean and organized for all who use it

Exiting The Shop

  • Remove all materials/scraps/projects/debris that you brought in or created in your time at the shop
      • for the woodshop there are full brooms and hand brooms and dust pans to sweep up all your sawdust and chips, and a bin labeled for sawdust and woodchips only. For cutoffs, if they look too short to use (less than 14-18", use your best judgement) put them in the cutoff bin - if not, return them to the area with similarly sized wood

  • There is no storing of personal projects in the shop areas - return them to your space when you're finished working on them for the moment

  • Put tools back where they belong - wrap up cords and put tools in their marked place if they belong on pegboards

  • Put fasteners back in their appropriate places

  • Shut off shop lights if you are the last person in the shop

  • Try to leave it a little cleaner than you found it :)

Metal Shop

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Wood Shop

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