Fire Safety

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>>> We take fire safety excruciatingly seriously in the Rust Temple. There is a fire extinguisher on the exterior wall of the woodshop, with a sign above it saying "Fire Extinguisher". More fire extinguishers are on their way to us, as well as a lighted EXIT sign above the door to be visible in the event of a power outage.

>>> Flammable liquids, and aerosols need to be kept away from any sparks or fire.

>>> There is red duct tape laid down on the official walkways to show the quickest, safest fire exits. These must be kept clear at all times.

>>> In the event of a fire, the fire sprinkler system will ideally go off, covering the entire floor in lots of old water.

>>> Be extra careful when moving objects or carrying long things around the fire sprinkler system, even small taps to the sprinkler heads have been known to set off the sprinklers!

>>> There's an in depth booklet for more reading on fire safety procedures in one of the wall cubbies in Town Square.