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Meeting notes have been moved HERE


Woodshop and Metalshop are officially becoming a very authoritative zone, surviellence cameras and what not may be assumed. They need more organization.

Screenshop is not functioning currently. But Jesus, who will be replacing Anya's Space, will be getting it up and running.

Rhys asked about having a popup gallery and how to organize/get approval for the event.

  • Email the rust temple email address with a plan of action and then work it out with the undertakers

Monika asked about having a waiting list.

Discussion about what would happen in the case of someone being verbally or physically abusive.

  • if someone feels uncomforatable dealing with a situation on their own they should contact all or any of the undertakers who will figure out a solution to the problem.

There is a Kiln in the space which will use a lot of electricity. There will be warnings when it is in use, because the whole spaces electricity might get shut off if there are enough powertools and heaters on while the kiln is on.