Membership Options & Commitment

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10x10 $100 $50 required
desk space (5x5) $75 $50 required
shop membership $50 $50 not required
two sharing a 10x10 $150 $50 per person required
getting 2 10x10's $175 $50 required
getting 3 10x10's $250 $50 required
getting 4 10x10's $325 $50 required

How does joining, commitment, and leaving work at Rust Temple?

Ideally people commit to sticking around in the space for a good amount of time to make sure the space is sustainable, and to put down roots to contribute to the community here, but whatever works as long as it's communicated. The first full month works as a trial month - you pay the shop fee and the first month's rent up front upon entering the space. If you come in during the 2nd half of the month, or near the end of a month, you'll be paying for the next month's rent as your trial, and can move in the beginning of that month. If you want to move in right away and the space is available, a finance undertaker can work out a prorated amount to get in for the rest of the month. You'd then pay that amount and the shop fee to be in, as well as the rent for the next month if it's on/after the 15th when rent for the next month is due. Then, your trial would be the rest of the month plus the next full month.

Example: Donny comes in October 20th, wants a prorated amount to get into a 10x10 right away. Since 11 days is roughly 1/3 of a month's rent, Donny can pay $30+$50 shop fee to get in right away, and pays the $100 for November's rent either right away as well, or before the end of October.

After that trial period, commitment has a few parts to it: 1) length of stay, and 2) how to leave the space.

1) If Donny wants to stay on...

members are expected to commit to 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, or year-long stays in Rust Temple, and to hold those agreements for the sustainability of the place. On the 15th of their trial month, they should let the financial undertaker know which commitment they'd like. They're welcome to stay longer than their commitment, but it's important that some minimum amount is explicit in their membership.

2) If Donny wants to leave...

If it's their first month (trial month) being in the space, they must let it be known no later than the 15th that they plan to leave, and are free to do so at the end of the month. This leaves undertakers a minimum of 2 weeks to find a replacement. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO TRIAL-MONTH MEMBERS.

For members who have been here longer than that first month,
they must give at least 1.5 month's notice before leaving, or find and guarantee a new replacement member in their space no later than the 15th of their last month. Since rent for the next month is collected on the 15th, if they're finding a replacement they must find someone to rent the next month before the 15th so that there is no lapse in rent. That person would then pay rent on the 15th to get access for the beginning of the next month, while the person leaving has the rest of the month in their space and must be out the last day of that month.

Example: Donny has been here for 3 months, but they've decided to move on. It's early February, and they've decided they'd like this to be their last month, so they must find someone to replace them for next month. Donny finds Ysabel who's psyched to take their space for the next month, and they pay rent on the 15th of February to come in for March 1st. Donny has the rest of February to be at Rust Temple, and everything's all set for next month! Hooray woopwoop

However, if Donny doesn't communicate that they want to leave, doesn't find a replacement, doesn't pay rent for the next month on the 15th, and is uncommunicative towards Rust Temple and unresponsive when contacted, at the end of the month Rust Temple will turn over their space to be rented out to someone else, and anything left in the space will be put in the lost and found and up for grabs.