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Money Money Money


We pay the landlord at the begining of every month.

In the past because people have been a day or two to two weeks late with rent, we collect rent in the middle of the month so that we can be sure that we have all the rent by the time we have to pay the landlord.

So for example, by paying rent on January 15th you are effectively paying rent for the month of Feburary.

When a new person moves in, they pay for rent in the middle of the month 2 weeks before they move in to secure their spot until the previous person moves out. Meaning, if someone is moving in for February, they pay rent on January 15th, before the previous person moves out at the end of the month. This way we can ensure we'll have rent for the next month, and that people moving in will actually commit to it.

pay rent via paypal to -- attach in the note your name and what month the rent is for