Teaching /Posting Classes Guidelines

Info For Anyone Trying to Teach Classes with the 2021 Grant Funding

You will be able to have your class advertised using the grant funding

At least the first 2 or 3 classes will be able to have one or two students per class be able to take the class for free if someone wants to take it and can’t pay for it.

You have to submit your class before May 30th.

Your class will be available to Northampton and Easthampton residents as a recording for a year.

In order to maximize the number of people we can advertise to I intend to advertise all classes that are submitted before May 30th in the form of a press release/online ads/ flyers that display every class available in the summer session of Rust Temple School.

%10 of the proceeds of your class will go back into the Rust Temple School, for materials, advertising and web hosting, the rest of the money goes directly to the teacher of the class.

Teaching With Rust Temple Web Tools Guide:

Your class folder should be located at files.rusttemple.today under the rust temple school shared folder.

lodge.rusttemple.today for meetings/video chatting/broadcasting classes.

chat.rusttemple.today for out of class discussions between students.

Posting Classes Guide:

Every class should have

  • A filled out and posted class submission form: https://files.rusttemple.today/index.php/apps/forms/wpqxMRc6FEWgytKX
  • A Post Describing the class, with pictures and as much information as you want. It can also include student work and slideshow
  • A Product with a relevant Graphic, prices and a class description
  • Each post and product should be tagged as a class