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Learn to mend your beloved socks and sweaters!

In this class we will go over a brief history of darning around the world, how to pick the correct darning style, fiber, and tools for your particular project as well as two versatile darling techniques.

Our hour and a half long class will contain two demonstrations, one for a style of darning that will patch a hole and one for a style of darning that will reinforce a larger area of fabric (with or without a hole) Recommended supplies for the class include: A knitted garment with a hole in it and one where the fabric is wearing thin. (often found in elbows or armpit-areas of sweaters or heel areas of socks ) A sewing needle with a large eye preferably at least 1.5” long, I recommend darning, embroidery, or yarn needles. Yarn, embroidery floss, or shishiko thread that can fit through the eye of your needle Something to hold her fabric taught while you were stitching it such as a cup, jar, embroidery hoop. No darning egg needed! Although we will be focusing on knitted objects in this class both techniques will also work for woven fabric. Or $10 (plus shipping) Will get you: An embroidery hoop A yarn needle A darning needle A small skein of 100% cashmere yarn A small skein of cotton yarn Three skeins of embroidery floss If you have questions or concerns about mending a particular garment, or would like assistance picking the correct fiber for your particular project before class begins do not hesitate to contact me at

Time: Saturday March 13th 3PM


Cost: $20 for the class $10 for materials.

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Introduction to Linux, GNU, and The Wacky World of Free Open Source Software

Do you feel confused by computers?

Are you interested in using computers that don’t explicitly spy on you?

Interested in learning more about computers that aren’t mac or windows in a friendly environment?

Interested in a world that’s less like Black Mirror and more like the famous 1995 film Hackers?

Then this is the class for you!

Get in touch with the history of of third party operating systems, their triumphs and their shortcomings.

Learn how to install Linux on a flash drive, an old laptop, or your own personal computer.

Learn about free/ethical alternatives to costly programs like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Facebook and Twitter.

This class will be taught in a live virtual setting through The Rust Temple School by Hampshire alum, teacher, and software engineer, Wouter Schievink who has been using Linux exclusively for over 15 years.

Skill level: Beginner

Price: $20

Date/Time: 2/27 3pm EST class is two hours long

Deadline to Signup: 2/27

Materials (optional): Flashdrive and/or old computer/laptop

If you would like to sign up, or if you have any questions email