What is Rust Temple?

Rust Temple is a 6,000sf micrometropolis/hacker space in Easthampton, MA. Each member rents a space over which they exercise autonomy to do what they please, within a small set of space & safety guidelines. There are 3 shared shop spaces for members to enjoy: a woodshop, a metal shop, and a screenprinting shop. Members can also pay only for shared shop access, with no physical space rented in Rust Temple.

We are always looking for new friends, accomplices, comrades, sorcerers, redneck prophets, nomadic nymphs, and Prius priestesses to populate our bustling little city with. With several thousand square feet of fourth-floor light industrial space in Western Massachusetts, the world is our irradiated, mercury-laced oyster and nearly anything is possible.

Welding apocalypse motorcycle frames? Mastering rogue taxidermy? Writing sonnets for Laotian royalty? Processing herbal stimulants for circus animals? Refining your jewelry-making technique or your masters’ thesis? Building computers from scratch? Sewing flashdance fetish unitards? Simply sitting at a desk and managing existential crises? Whatever your game, we’ve got space for it, and we want you. From eighty buck-a-roos in cold hard cash and up, we’re flexible weirdos with a lot of space to rent out, in which you could put nearly anything, from heavy machinery to materials storage to a simple desk with a laptop. Establish it as your everyday workspace, or visit it only on occasion. Whatever you please.

If you have any interest in becoming a part of the Rust Temple, contact us at hq@rusttemple.today. Your first month will be a provisional month where we test the waters – if it succeeds, you’ll sign a six-month agreement. If it does not, we part ways with no harm done and no further costs incurred. In your email, tell us what you’re looking to do and we’ll begin a conversation immediately.