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Undertakers are the administrators of Rust Temple,
here to run the joint and pull you under
your subconscious assumptions into the world of the strange


* know general rules & maintaining safety, being familiar with the vibe & being available for FAQ

* have up-to-date knowledge of scheduled events and meetings at RT

* have relatively stable schedule / scheduled availability times at rust temple for people to ask questions

* maintain relationship w/ landlord & building maintenance people

* facilitate bringing in, orienting, commitment, and leaving of renters

* conflict mediation if necessary

* keep an eye on relative cleanliness of common spaces

The whiteboard on the wall when you come into Rust Temple has listed each undertaker and their respective area of duties separate from the general ones -- if you have questions about a shop space or anywhere else specific, check it out to see who to get in touch with .. there are mailboxes by the front door with undertaker's names and duties on them that you can leave questions in