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that kid with the wine-red wall and big-ass speakers

undertaker, largely taking charge of things on and related to the internet — mailing lists, the wiki, rust temple network stuff, etc

she/her, probably

if you've got anything you need me to do, or just want to say hi, drop a note in my inbox in my space (or shoot me a text)


web presence

my actual web webpage

my sound webpage

I have a github

what do i do here anyway?

i use this as my office, primarily! i work remotely with a web development cooperative called Good Good Work, but because i don't have a ton of work right now i spend a lot of time sitting around. sometimes i add new things to my desk area, or futz with electronics.

in theory i also do freelance sound engineering, but it's hard to get your foot in the door in a scene, so i haven't got a lot of gigs. hit me up if you need an engineer or just to rent speakers, though!

when am i here

most days during the day! less likely on weekends and evenings (but sometimes, and you can still leave me a note)



kanban board

*it'll be better than this user page, promise